New Tires

Central Marketing offers a complete line of equipment for the new tire manufacture. We specialize in the final finish area with inspection machines, contour correcting machines, Shearography and all items used in the final finish phase.


Matteuzzi has over 50 years of experience in making equipment for the retread industry. Matteuzzi provides machines and accessories for handling and processing new and retreaded tires for the passenger, truck, earthmover and aircraft industries. Matteuzzi is known as the world-leader in truck buffing machines with over 900 computer-controlled machines in the world. Its product range also includes finishing lines for precured treads. In this sector, Matteuzzi builds machines with varying degrees of automation (from semiautomatic to computerized), designed to work different lengths and profiles of precured tread strips.


Cima has been the leading curing press and matrix manufacturer since 1953. Currently Cima supplies specialty presses to the tire industry including passenger, truck, OTR, and industrial. Cima also manufactures a complete line of OTR buffers, groovers, and extruder builders for the OTR industry.


SDS specializes in tire testing machines for all segments of the tire industry. SDS has advanced the Shearography tire testing machines to a new level of sophistication. In addition to Shearography, they also produce: EMS (Endurance Monitoring Systems), CMS (Countour Measuring Systems), PMS (Profile Measuring Systems), and Laser Engraving Systems.