Trimmer 3000

This Vent Trimming Machine offers:

-Fully Automatic Cycle
-Output: 3-4 tires per minute
-Tire diameter range: 22″ – 38″ (cross section 6″ – 16″)
-Control panel featuring a color, multilingual, touch screen, fitted to the machine frame. The panel features a USB port for program updating.
-Tire infeed and discharge roller benches.
-Automatic shutting guards located in the infeed and discharge areas, that move upward to let the tire reach the trimming area and to let the tire exit from the machine and move downward to seclude the trimming area while the trimming process is in progress. These guards prevent rubber pins and vent flashes from polluting the working environment.
-4 couples of conical rollers move towards the tire and make it rotate. At the end of the process the rollers withdraw and let the tire drop onto the discharge roller bench (inverter controlled tire speed: 50 km/h ).
-Central trimming assembly, to trim the central portion of the tire tread.
-Upper and lower trimming assemblies, suitable to trim the side portions and shoulders of the tire tread. T
-Safety devices.
-Conical rollers lubrication system. The lubrication fluid is contained into a specific tank.
-Blades cooling system that ensures proper cooling and lubrication of the blades during the trimming process. Spraying nozzles are fitted in the machine trimming area for this purpose.
-Waste tray placed at the machine base to collect small rubber pins and vent flashes