RAS 650

RAS 650 T Smart Builder Features


Applies a tension to the tread while applying that provides a better balance and performance

Laser measuring of the exact tire circumference so the proper tread length to be applied is known

Uses 11 meter rolls of tread or precut treads.

Allen Bradley PLC and electronic components

Does not require a lot of space as compared to the other tension builders

Does not require a recipe for each tread as compared to other tension builders

Can work with roll cushion gum if needed

Has automatic stitching width control and pause feature for wing stitching.

Motorized poly pull off

Tread lift


Allows to cut treads at the mold pitch mark if the tread has for a perfect tread match.

Provides for a set overlap for a proper splice that prevents open splices and eliminates the inconsistency of the long and short splice issues

Machines automatically knows when there is enough rubber to finish the tire and leave the proper amount for a slice on the next tire

Better tread guide system than on previous builders

Minimum tire diameter for machine is 28″; maximum tire diameter is 47″ (bead minimum 14″; maximum 24.5″)