Monobeam 80P

The Monobeam offers a 80-mm pin barrel extruder for strip winding mold cure with laser controls to adjust profile to correct build diameter and can extrude tough smartway high mooney compounds.


  • Allen Bradley Components
  • Power 45 KW 460v 60Hz  with 80 mm pin barrel – LD 12/1
  • Overall dimensions:

length = 4700 mm, height = 1505 mm, width 1900 mm.

  • Floor to centerline of expandable hub is 1190 mm.
  • Internet access for remote service
  • Complete manual listing all parts with manufacturer part number and the manufacturer name
  • All wiring cables type and color are according to UL/CSA standards
  • All main components are UL/CSA listed (only minor equipment like water heaters, Pt100 temperature sensors mounted inside case are only European CENELEC listed)
  • One laser sensor
  • One stretching roller with servomotor(stretching-axis) for rubber diameter control
  • Two calender and extruder local control stations
  • One safety light curtain for load/unload section