Service and Parts


  • reconditioning of used equipment
  • repair of damaged equipment
  • clean matrices and bead plates with a non abrasive method
  • reconditioning of expandable rims
  • on site service with appointment
  • truck casings to your door
  • same day shipment of parts from our warehouse

We also sell MAE PIV TubesBladders, and Envelopes.


Central Marketing offers parts/SUPPLIES for the following:

  • Matteuzzi equipment
  • CIMA equipment
  • AZ extruders
  • MAE envelopes, bladders, etc.
  • Spectra equipment (nailhole detection)
  • SIT brushes
  • Staico OTR equipment
  • SCV extruder equipment
  • Technic equipment
  • Retreading Equipment Inc.